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Sasol for Good – China Starts Up

Sasol for Good China kicked off with a baking and sachet-making event on 4 February, the Spring Day of China.  The event was co-organised by Amity Foundation, an influential non-profit organisation founded in 1985 for public welfare, and Sasol China’s handcraft club.

Seventeen (17) Sasol employees brought their spouses and children to support the volunteering cause, gathering at the cosy Amity Bakery on the Saturday morning.  They were introduced the history of the bakery house, and learned about the stories of helping the mentally disabled employees to gain necessary vocational skills. With some training from the bakery staff, the children happily creamed their cakes with decorations of fruits and chocolates. 

A supplementary activity while waiting for the cakes to be baked was to fill sachet bags with herbs for different effects such as helping sleep or refreshing.

“I really enjoyed the event, and am grateful to know that there’s such a place to train the disabled people so that they could live and work normally. This place helps them being connected to the regular world.” An employee commented while reading the new year wish notes written by the mentally disabled employees.

As a Chinese saying goes, ‘it’s better to teach one fishing than to give him/her fish’.  We learned a new way of helping those who need support for different reasons. A new way of helping those who need support for different reasons is presented by the first Sasol for Good branding event organised in China.  We are proud to show our corporate citizenship through different activities to be a caring neighbor to our neighborhood communities. 

Sasol for Good, reaching out to China for the first time, and the spirit will continue to be carried on in the future volunteering causes.

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