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BRIDGE TO WORK (BtW) is an employability programme targeting the unemployed with particular focus on youth and women to assist them with critical skills which will enable them to either be employed or start their own businesses. The goal of the programme is to aid fenceline community members and affected Sasol employees to access meaningful work opportunities that can be converted into small businesses through structured development opportunities. The following programmes form part of our Phase 1 offering to our fenceline communities:


The establishment and growth of successful smallholder farmers, through integrated support systems, from technical learning to access to market.


Focus on training to get certified Motor Mechanics who will contribute to the motor industry and be positioned to enter the renewable energy powered vehicle industry.


Mobilise members of the community to become active citizens of the country’s democracy, while earning an income and increasing their employability.


Training will be provided to create qualified welders who are equipped to meet the required skill level for new and existing projects in the Mpumalanga and Free State provinces.


Youth from our Sasol fence-line communities will be assisted to achieve applied technology skills in order create scalable start-ups, build sustainable digital SMMEs.


Creating jobs for unemployed youth, unskilled school handymen and those around our fence line communities interested in learning handymen skills.

Bridge to Work | One year Anniversary

Bridge to Work | Esperanza Farm

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