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Handyman Services

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Bridge to Work has introduced handyman services, a programme that will assist in creating jobs for unemployed youth, unskilled school handymen and those around our fence line communities interested in learning handymen skills.


Handyman Services Programme aims to capitalise on the increased demand for home improvements related products and services. The project aims to formalize the services of handyman by providing technical skills and establishing small businesses.

Intended Beneficiaries:

  • Locations: Secunda, Sasolburg.
  • 40 Beneficiaries.
  • Beneficiaries interested in developing handyman skills.
  • Existing handymen from schools.
  • Matriculants from technical high schools.
  • Current Handyman SMMEs in the township.


The programme will support unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled workers within the following scope:

  • Inspection and use of tools.
  • Materials Management.
  • General maintenance.
  • Civil and Construction.
  • Electrical maintenance.

The programme will run in 4 month cycles, key activities surrounding the programme will be:

  • Equipping beneficiaries with technical skills from an accredited institution.
  • Commercialisation of Handyman skills.
  • To expose the local SMME’s to e-marketing.
  • Formalise existing SMME businesses.

Skills Development Process

Handyman Services

handyman services skills development process
handyman services skills development process
handyman services skills development process