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Team Sasol in China Joins World Cleanup Day

A Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

In a display of corporate social responsibility and environmental consciousness, Team Sasol in China took part in this year’s World Cleanup Day on 16 September 2023. This initiative, organised by the Sasol China hiking club, as a part of its commitment to ‘Sasol for Good’ programme, saw around 30 dedicated employees and their family members gathering at Xiangshan Lake in Nanjing to actively contribute to a cleaner, healthier planet for current and future generations.

World Cleanup Day is a global movement that brings together millions of people from over 180 countries to tackle the pervasive problem of waste and pollution. It serves as a reminder of the collective responsibility we all share in preserving our planet. Since 2018, World Cleanup Day has become the biggest peacetime civic movement in human history, uniting 197 countries across the world, and over 71 million volunteers, all striving to create a cleaner planet.

It’s a unifying movement that transcends borders, cultural differences, and even conflicts. On one single day each year, volunteers and partners worldwide come together, to raise awareness of the global mismanaged waste crisis. Even when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges (climate disasters, wars, etc.), we clean up litter and waste from our beaches, rivers, lakes, forests, streets, parks…everywhere!

Our Sasol For Good participants donned gloves and carried trash bags, eager to clean up the lake area and make it more pristine. While the primary objective was to pick up garbage and restore the natural beauty of the lake, the event also encouraged physical activity and healthy living, aligning with Sasol’s broader commitment to employee well-being.

The involvement of employees and their families emphasised the idea that environmental responsibility is not merely a corporate agenda but a personal one as well. It fosters a sense of community and shared purpose among team members, strengthening their connection to both Sasol and the environment.

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