Sasol in Society


In 2022, Sasol committed to develop a just transition roadmap. In 2023, our work to meet this commitment began in earnest and culminated in the development of a phased just transition roadmap, consisting of four phases: Phase 1: Framing of the approach and diagnostics; Phase 2: Framework development; Phase 3: Mobilisation, feasibility and/or piloting; and Phase 4: Delivery and scale.

Work on phase 1 of the roadmap has been completed with the following results emerging from the diagnostic work:

  • South Africa’s just transition is challenged by economic inequalities, poverty, unemployment and energy insecurity, which weigh heavily on expectations of a just transition.
  • Policies and requirements for a just transition are being crafted while undertaking a national just transition, making it difficult to have full clarity on what the expectations will be beyond broad principles.
  • A dynamic approach will need to be adopted to address shifting expectations and an evolving policy landscape.
  • No-regret initiatives will feature more prominently in the short to medium term, aligned with the decarbonisation roadmap and the timing of mitigation interventions.
  • Innovative funding mechanisms will need to be available for implementation of impactful just transition initiatives and to accelerate deployment.
  • The just transition is in its early stages, with most companies still developing their strategies and plans. Information and knowhow are therefore limited with ‘learning by doing’ being critical, as well as leveraging lessons learnt from others.

Phase 2 is focused on framework development and will include unpacking the following elements:

  • Strategy and risk management – develop an integrated and optimised just transition approach.
  • Policy development and alignment – align our just transition approach with national frameworks.
  • Opportunity development – co-create opportunities with key stakeholders.
  • Stakeholder management and communication – enable inclusivity in the development and implementation of our just transition approach.
  • Partnership management – leverage partnerships for scale, impact and pace.
  • Programme management and reporting transparent reporting on our just transition progress.