Sasol in Society
Sasol fuel tanker leaving the fuel depot


Sasol has donated a million litres of jet fuel to support the Government’s efforts to repatriate hundreds of South Africans stranded in foreign countries due to the closing of borders as a result of the global COVID19 pandemic.

“With lockdowns and travel restrictions in effect in several parts of the world, many South Africans find themselves stranded and unable to return home. We understand their plight and want to help in the effort to reunite them with their families and loved ones,” said Sasol CEO Fleetwood Grobler.

In addition to donating the jet fuel, Sasol is also working with government in responding to the significant increase in demand for hygiene products since the COVID19 outbreak.

“We have fast tracked the production of a new unique alcohol blend, which is safe and suitable for the manufacture of disinfectants and hand sanitisers, and in partnership with government, have prioritised local supply across the country, while maintaining stable prices,” said Grobler.

He added that Sasol is also manufacturing its own hand sanitiser products, specifically to meet the needs of its fenceline communities near to its various operational sites, as well its employees. 

“As we ramp up supplies, we are rapidly increasing donations to these communities and local hospitals,” said Grobler. “Working in partnership with a Sasol enterprise and supplier development beneficiary, we will scale this up to 100 000 litres per week.”

Sasol is also working with government departments at all levels to support relief efforts at the frontline. These include:

  • working with the  local government in South Africa  to supply approximately 1 000 units of personal protective equipment;
  • making Sasol’s facilities available for the accommodation of personnel on the ground;
  • partnering with the Africa Teen Geeks supported by the Department of Basic Education, through the Sasol Foundation, to provide access to free online and interactive STEM, as well as Literacy and Reading subjects, for learners in Grades R to 12; and
  • exploring the possibilities of helping to establish testing sites at Sasol facilities, as well as providing protective equipment for health practitioners where possible.  

Furthermore, Sasol is seconding several of its highly experienced employees to support a collaborative business effort, under the auspices of Business for South Africa, which is intended to use the available business resources and capacity to support public sector initiatives.

“While as Sasol we have seen some impact on our organization and our people due to COVID19, we recognise our duty and deeper responsibility to support our fenceline communities, and society at large, in these challenging and uncertain times,” Grobler explained.

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