Sasol in Society


Sasol has a long-standing and mutually beneficial relationship with Mozambique. Inspired by Mozambique and its people, our objective is create shared value.

The first gas fields discovered in Mozambique were the Pande and Temane fields found in 1961 and 1967 respectively. These assets were effectively stranded until we initiated a US$1.2 billion project, together with our partners.

As the only operating oil and gas asset in Mozambique, natural gas is processed in a Central Processing Facility (CPF) in Temane, in Southern Mozambique. It is then transmitted via an 865 km pipeline with various offtake points in Mozambique, finally reaching Sasol’s gas distribution network in Secunda, South Africa.

The Natural Gas Project catalysed the development of a domestic market enabling wholesale and retail supply of gas. Gas from Pande and Temane contributes roughly 16% towards the extractive sector. The development of gas infrastructure has helped to drive socio-economic development through electrification, a third of Mozambique’s electricity is generated from Pande-Temane gas.

Aligning with the Government of Mozambique’s vision that the country’s hydrocarbon resources should benefit all its people overall, our focus has been on:

  • Exploring and developing hydrocarbon resources for mutual benefit
  • Collaborating towards greater localisation, local content and community improvement
  • Working together to identify optimal monetisation solutions; and
  • Enabling shared value.