Sasol in Society

About the Bridge to Work skills development programme

Transitioning vocational education to workplace opportunities

Drivers and solution


COVID-19 and low economic growth amongst other factors have highlighted and further exacerbated the issues of inequality and unemployment.

Our accelerated transition pathway to a net zero emission target will also have spill over impact on our communities.

Our Just transition roadmap aligned to our Promise to Society should ensure that we create new opportunities for valuable work.


To improve access to economic opportunities for the youth, women and adults out of work, Sasol has reconfigured the portfolio of initiatives focused on vocational training in various local community economy aligned to the needs and opportunities as identified by the community, social research and local government. These growth accelerators are housed under the Bridge to Work Programme.

The goal of the programme is to aid fenceline community members and affected Sasol employees to access meaningful work opportunities that can be converted into small businesses through structured development opportunities The various accelerators will run in cycles of 6 – 36 months and will consist of the following three elements:

  • Technical Training
  • Business Development
  • Mentorship and Coaching

Sasol will also provide start-up kits and enable access to funding, inputs and machinery through partnerships.