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Sasol TechnoX is South Africa’s premier Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths, and Innovation (STEAMI) career exhibition. Organised annually by the Sasol Foundation, Sasol TechnoX provides an immersive and hands-on experience for learners, showcasing the diverse disciplines and exciting career opportunities offered by science, mathematics, and technology.

Sasol TechnoX aims to instil in young individuals the realisation that they can be the catalysts for change and shape the world through limitless possibilities in STEAMI careers and innovation. The event emphasises the critical role of empowering young people to actively participate in the digital world and the development of green economies, becoming agents of positive change in their communities and beyond.

Sasol TechnoX offers a hybrid approach for greater reach, ensuring accessibility to a wider audience. Participants have the option to attend the exhibition in person at Sasolburg or virtually, where they can engage with over 40 innovative STEAMI exhibitors, attend captivating talks and interactive demonstrations, and explore the latest technologies and career opportunities. This inclusive approach allows learners, educators, and enthusiasts from across South Africa to connect and learn from industry experts, creating a dynamic platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the formation of valuable partnerships.

“With our immersive experiences, engaging activities, and diverse exhibitors, we aim to foster a passion for STEAMI education and equip learners with the skills and mindset to shape a brighter and greener future for South Africa.” says Noxolo Kahlana, Head of the Sasol Foundation.

Sasol TechnoX offers an array of opportunities for participants to discover the latest tools and advancements in STEAMI, empowering them to create more engaging and impactful learning experiences. Attendees can engage with industry experts, participate in the exciting ‘Trashion’ Show, experience hands-on activities at interactive booths, and attend captivating talks and demos that ignite their curiosity and passion for STEAMI.

One of the unique aspects of Sasol TechnoX is the free participation it offers, underscoring Sasol’s commitment to fostering a smarter, more knowledgeable, entrepreneurial, and productive generation of learners. By eliminating financial barriers, Sasol TechnoX ensures that every aspiring future shaper has equal access to the transformative opportunities provided by the exhibition.

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