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Promoting Safety and Wellbeing in Sasol China

Sasol China’s Participation in Eurasia Safety Health Days

Sasol China actively participated in the Eurasia Safety Health Days with the topics ‘Zero Harm’ and ‘be caring’, throughout the month of June. With a diverse range of activities, Sasol China prioritised engaging its staff and some external stakeholders, and emphasising the importance of safety and health in both professional and personal lives.

Eurasia Leadership Engagement

As part of the Safety Health Days, Filippo Carletti, the Vice President of Supply Chain Eurasia, engaged in an interactive session with Sasol China staff. The session focused on key topics such as zero harm in transportation, sustainable development, and customer service “lift and shift” organisation change. By facilitating meaningful discussions, Filippo Carletti underscored Sasol’s commitment to prioritising safety and sustainability in its operations.

“Safety in My Heart” Mini-Videos

In an innovative approach, we encouraged our employees to create mini-videos centered around the theme “Safety in My Heart”. Thirteen employees captured creative videos highlighting safety practices and shared them on the company’s internal communication platform, Wecom. This initiative not only empowered employees to express their perspectives on safety but also fostered a sense of ownership and collective responsibility.

Mental Health Lecture

Recognising the importance of mental well-being, Sasol China organised a lecture by a professor from Nanjing Tech University. The lecture provided valuable insights on maintaining a positive attitude towards work and managing stress effectively. By addressing mental health in the workplace, Sasol China demonstrated its commitment to promoting holistic well-being among its employees.

Standardised Production Safety Training and Emergency Drill

Safety training and emergency preparedness are integral components of our commitment to maintaining a secure work environment. During the Safety Health Days, employees participated in standardised production safety training programmes, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to respond to potential hazards effectively. Additionally, an emergency drill allowed employees to practice emergency response protocols, ensuring their preparedness in critical situations.

Open Day and Safety Knowledge Contest

To engage families and promote safety awareness beyond the workplace, Sasol China organised an open day event. More than 120 colleagues and their families, along with representatives from the South African Chamber of Commerce and Nanhua No. 2 Middle School students, were invited to visit the Zhaoqiaohe Plant. The attendees gained insights into Sasol’s brand and Sasol China’s operations, toured the facilities, and participated in simulated experiences such as fire-fighting, safety helmet demonstrations, and safety virtual reality simulations. Furthermore, a safety knowledge contest was organised at the end of June with 30 participants from operational and central functions.  It reinforced understanding of safety protocols, fostering a culture of continuous learning and awareness.

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