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Localising our supply chain

Stimulating development through local content is an integral part of our strategy. The development of the local workforce and local suppliers in Mozambique is critical to the country’s growth.

We focus on building robust, mutually beneficial partnerships, ensuring that we understand, translate and proactively deliver on market demands.

For these reasons our Local Content plan is based on a set of strategic principles:

  • creation of secure long-term employment, development of skills that have long-term relevancy and sector transferability and the development of local businesses with long-term commercial viability;
  • collaboration to leverage the expertise and strengths of all key stakeholders;
  • Sound analytics that provide a deep understanding of the Mozambican private sector in order to identify opportunities for increased local procurement, inform supplier development and guide broader supply chain development; and
  • produce balanced and favourable outcomes for all.

Watch the video to learn more about our local Supply Chain activities.

Sasol has a preferred procurement strategy for Mozambican companies. In our strategy, we privilege Mozambican companies. When there is a tender for a large amount, we find ways to break it down, so that we can identify parts of this tender to be passed on to local companies.