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Ithemba Lesizwe promoting a drug-free society

Ithemba Lesizwe is a non-profit organisation (NPO) based in eMbalenhle, Govan Mbeki Municipality, that helps young people to fight drugs and substance abuse.

Celebrating six years since its establishment, Ithemba Lesizwe has been championing various issues affecting youth including teenage pregnancy, skills development, healthy lifestyle and youth development through sports.

After realising that there were major challenges in their community, especially around drug abuse, increased levels of crime and more teenage pregnancies, Themba Ndlovu and Richard Ndzukula co-founded Ithemba Lesizwe in 2016.

Ithemba Lesizwe

In 2021 Ithemba Lesizwe partnered with Sasol and received funding to support its efforts. This partnership ensures that a programme is available to those who struggle to come off drugs and those who have completed their formal treatment at the rehab or who have attended dialogue sessions at Ithemba Lesizwe.

The main objective of this programme is to support individuals in their recovering journey thus preventing relapse. Through therapy and dialogue sessions individuals are taught how to take full accountability of their behaviour. These sessions are hosted every Tuesday and Thursday at Embalenhle extension 9 stand 5477.

Chairperson for Ithemba Lesizwe Themba Ndlovu says: “Our programme is comprehensive, we work with patients as soon as they take a decision to start the journey to recovery. We welcome them to our support group programme until they are ready to start medication. This medication is only given to people whom we have assisted to reintegrate to their families.” Themba concluded by saying, “our motto is simple – we believe that ‘Each Day Brings New Hope‘”.

Ithemba Lesizwe

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