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Early Childhood Centre Infrastructure

Sasol Energy Business supports Early Childhood Centre infrastructure upliftment in the Greater Tzaneen municipality, Limpopo.

For many years, Sasol has supported a comprehensive approach to Early Childhood Development (ECD). The approach consists of learner support interventions, entailing the provision of nutrition; an inclusive child-centered learning programme and parental support; practitioner training, including accredited skills-based activities, infrastructure and environment improvement; the provision of learning resources; as well as management and leadership support.

On Friday, 17 February 2023, the Sasol Energy Business, and its partner For Africa handed over the newly-renovated Bonolo Day Care Centre in Sethong Village, Tzaneen. The work completed at the Bonolo Centre included infrastructure renovations, the provision of educational and play equipment such as children’s furniture; mattresses; potties; and teacher training.

In addition to the Bonolo Centre, due to increasing instances of undernourishment as a result of children living in households which reported hunger, the programme was extended to provide daily nutritious meals and the installation of food gardens for a total of 12 ECD centres looking after 400 children in the Greater Tzaneen municipality.

Sasol’s aim with the ECD programme is to improve access to quality early learning opportunities for children from birth to six years of age in the communities closest to their operations and retail sites. This will contribute to protecting the rights of children in these communities to develop their full cognitive, emotional, social and physical potential and therefore to contribute to a strong foundation for school readiness and the holistic development of children.

Bonolo Day Care Centre support, as requested by the Sasol Tzaneen franchisee, is part of the Energy Business’ Friendly Neighbour Programme. The Friendly Neighbour Programme is a social impact initiative designed to uplift fenceline communities around Sasol’s retail sites in collaboration with franchise owners. Sasol reviews proposals received from franchisees to uplift their communities and either the franchisee proposal or co-creates an activity.

Sasol is proud to continue assisting communities via its Social Impact activities.

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